PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor

Keep your pool blue, balanced and healthy the hassle-free way.

PoolSense sends daily recommendations to your smartphone with helpful indications of chlorine and acid levels, and by doing so, assists you in keeping your pool blue and crystal clear. You can confidently enjoy your pool with your family, knowing that your water is pleasant, balanced and safe.

PoolSense Measures

Chlorine levels

pH levels


PoolSense Key Features

All-Day Monitoring

Uses Sigfox IoT Network

Min 2 Years Battery Life

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What is PoolSense?

PoolSense is a smart pool monitor that works with a mobile application. PoolSense eliminates the time and effort spent fixing what’s wrong with your pool water. Accurate sensors, built into the PoolSense smart pool monitor, send data to a cloud server in timed intervals. Your mobile app will send you intelligent alerts on what chemicals are required to keep your pool in peak condition.

PoolSense Benefits

Fast and Easy
  • No installation. Just drop the device in your pool
Access anywhere
  • Low power WAN technology has coverage virtually anywhere.
  • Keep an eye on your pool from all over the world
An easy to use App
  • Get simple daily alerts only when necessary
  • Hard-wearing plastic composite to withstand harsh conditions
Partner network
  • Accredited professionals at your fingertips to assist with any additional services you may require

Why do you need the PoolSense smart pool monitor and app?

  • Pool maintenance is difficult and water requires frequent testing.  No one has proper knowledge of water chemistry
  • Over / Under usage of chemicals always leads to expensive shock treatments
  • PoolSense makes pool care a hassle-free experience!
  • Monitors your pool water quality 24/7.
  • Analyses the data and notifies you via our app on your smartphone
  • Intelligent alerts on what chemicals to add to keep your water crystal clear,  only when you need to take action


“This device has completely changed my life owning a pool. After 12 years of being a pool owner, I have never experienced my pool being crystal clear until I started using the PoolSense device. Life-changing, no headaches and cost-saving.”

Chetan Goshalia

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PoolSense gets an investment boost!

PoolSense gets an investment boost!

PoolSense gets an investment boost! Johannesburg — 03 March 2020 Pioneers in pool technology receive a boost Sebata Holdings Limited (JSE:SEB), through a 100% owned subsidiary, acquired a 30% stake in ProAutomation (Pty) Ltd, the pioneers in pool technology....


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Increasing your pH – PoolSchool

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PoolSense chosen as a Finalist!

PoolSense chosen as a Finalist!

PoolSense was chosen as Finalist! SA Innovation Summit Inventors Garage The 2019 annual SA Innovation Summit took place at the Cape Town Stadium from 11 to 13 September in Cape Town. The Summit is Africa’s biggest tech start-up event and provides a powerful platform...

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