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Pool chemistry is not a science, there is some magic in it as well. There is a complex relationship between, pH, ORP, Temperature, UV and the surrounding environment. The average pool owner is frustrated, and most of the time we hear of the love-hate relationship owners have with the family pool. PoolSense is set to change this forever and we want to make you part of this revolution.

What’s in it for me?

Great retail margins (30% or more) with exclusive wholesale pricing

Research has shown that most pool shop owners are struggling to make money, especially in the winter months. We at PoolSense believe our product and go-to-market strategy supports the idea of driving customers back to Pool Shops.

  • Through our unique portal, you as a Pool Shop owner will be able to establish a relationship with pool owners.
  • It will allowing you to engage and control the relationship, become more proactive.
  • We know if you can get a customer in your shop you are good at selling products, services and peripheral items.

How can PoolSense help my business?

Disruptive technology – PoolSense is set to change the world of swimming pool water quality management. By continuously measuring, calculating the required dosages and delivering this to an app on a smartphone makes pool water management a simple task. No more hacking with test kits and guessing just what you need to add, PoolSense does this for your customers.

  • Through the PoolSense portal, you will have a real-time view of your customer’s pool. You can, through the portal engage your customer, offering to assist, encouraging them to come into the shop if necessary.
  • You will be able to make money from offering calibration services  on an annual basis
  • The probes of the PoolSense device have a shelf-life of between 12 and 18 months operation. The replacement business will be yours once the devices become modular
  • Through the big data, we can see when a customer is dosing the pool, and by adding what he purchases you will be able to contact and even offer to deliver chemicals to their house, again being in charge of the relationship.
  • The PoolSense app allows pool owners to request assistance from you. You can again be in charge of the value chain. By using the portal correctly you will be alerted and will be able to engage customers on maintenance cycles. Such as replacing the sand in the filter.
In Summary – PoolSense puts your customers in charge of their pools and you in charge of your customers.

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