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How it all got started

The story of the first poolbot

Born out of sheer frustration and annoyance, the first Poolbot was assembled in late 2016… My brother and I, both electronic engineers had had enough of endless pool testing kits, tons of money spent on chemicals, pool gadgets and swampy water. So we put our minds together to dream up a device that would forever change the way we maintain our pools.

We wanted an easy, affordable, no-nonsense device that would take the guess work out of having a clear, healthy pool and it also had to have an easy-to-use app so that we could maintain it from anywhere in the world. Primitive market research among friends, family and the local pool shop proved we weren’t the only ones feeling the frustration and soon we had more requests for devices than we could keep up with.

And so the first Poolbot was tossed into a murky, green pool in early 2017 and with lots of late nights, tweaking and calibrating the first pool turned from green to clean! What we started with was a bunch of electronics and some kitty litter in a floating lunch box, but it worked and that got us noticed by Sqwidnet – and airport security a few times!

The Innovation Hub shared our excitement when we were announced as one of the winners of the prestigious GAP ICT Awards in late 2017. We partnered with Sqwidnet (who provide the IoT network we needed) and then we started to really gain some momentum.

Emil is an old friend and he is our marketing guru. He joined us half way through 2017 to help us get the idea off the ground.

Sqwidnet introduced us to Dave who was in early stages of development for a similar concept. Dave is a successful businessman and industry heavyweight in the industrial automation industry. We joined forces early in 2018 to further accelerate our business.

Since then we successfully raised further grant and private funding and have been refining our prototypes to work out any remaining snags. We have had tremendous success with keeping numerous pools in pristine condition and we look forward to the next stage in our journey with you as our partners in our fight against swampy pools and frustrating test kits.

It’s not only a device that we are building but we want to simplify the whole experience of owning a pool. So we are bringing the complete service to market under our PoolSense brand.

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Our Vision

Pro Automation (Pty) Ltd strives to bring Innovative, Smart, Simple solutions to the Connected Home IoT market. Our products use state-of-the-art components and technology that aim to make your life easier.

As a company we are focused on making people’s lives easier through innovative technology in the IoT space.

The PoolSense product addresses the first major problem we have found and developed a solution for.  The recent rollout of IoT focused networks in South Africa, in conjunction with our platform and expertise,  creates many opportunities.

Our Team

Heinrich Heesen

Heinrich Heesen

Founder and Advisory

Computer Engineer (University of Pretoria), Successful Telecoms Entrepreneur.
Emil Meyer

Emil Meyer


Marketing Management (University of Pretoria), Extensive Sales and Distribution management experience.
Dave Wibberley

Dave Wibberley

Funding and Advisory

Dave is a highly specialized and respected Process Engineer. Currently heads up Adroit Technologies.
Kevin Herbert

Kevin Herbert


A successful entrepreneur and Sales and Supply Chain expert. Kevin currently heads up Sales and Project Management.
Bernhard Heesen

Bernhard Heesen


Computer Engineer (University of Pretoria), Extensive Software and Hardware Development experience.

Awards and Accolades


PoolSense was declared a Winner in the ICT category

GAP ICT aims to identify researchers and entrepreneurs working on ICT-based solutions to our country’s biggest challenges, from internet of things, artificial intelligence to mobile applications used in education. GAP ICT is a joint project with mLab Southern Africa and Intel. The top four winners share in milestone-tied business development money.

In selecting the winners, an independent panel of judges considered business strategy, technology, market, the team, and impact of the technology. Winners were announced during a Gala Dinner Awards that was held at The Innovation Hub during the Global Entrepreneurship Week on Thursday, 16 November 2017.

The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Gauteng province established the Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) Innovation Competitions to recognise and reward innovative ideas that have the potential to significantly impact the Gauteng economy.

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PoolSense GAP ICT Award

Finalists – 2018 MTN nbIoT Awards

PoolSense was a Finalist in 2018

The inaugural Mind2Machine Awards in 2015 set the benchmark for M2M innovation and creation challenges in South Africa. Now, as we enter into the third, the 2018 event is bigger, better, and bolder, incorporating both the Awards component and a new IoT-focused conference – promoting knowledge and best practice sharing for developers and buyers in the connected infrastructure and Internet of things space.

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