Q&A session with Sqwidnet CEO, Phathizwe Malinga. He talks about Sigfox, Sqwidnet and why he believes PoolSense will revolutionize pool care.
Watch the video HERE.
Q: “Who is Sigfox? What role does Sqwidnet play?”
A: “Sigfox is a connectivity provider that is dedicated exclusively to [the] Internet of Things. It is a company that licenses its technology per country, they are now in over 45 countries and one of those countries is South Africa. In South Africa, the operator that they chose was Sqwidnet. Sqwidnet is a Dark Fiber subsidiary and what we do in the country is we put up listening posts – or base stations is more the formal word, that listen to any device and any technology that is able to speak in what they call “Sigfox Ready”.”
Q: “Why did Sqwidnet choose to partner with PoolSense?”
A: “Finding a company like PoolSense that is dedicated to making a Sigfox device really excited us from a Sqwidnet point-of-view, because that now brings manufacturing back into South Africa.”
Q: “What are the best attributes of PoolSense?”
A: “When you use the Sqwidnet network to bring your devices to life, one of the great things [that] you get out of it – which you now embed in your product, is long range and is low power [use], extremely low power [use]. So what PoolSense has in it is a great battery life. So that means if you use the PoolSense product you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. The second thing that I think it does is it brings to you the ability to use it even in very remote parts of the world, and in South Africa’s context, in very remote parts of South Africa. and I didn’t say World by mistake because if you move to another country that is Sigfox enabled you don’t have to do anything, you can just keep using the device. In fact I think this device is going to be a knockout when is comes to the European market because of the third value proposition which is ultra-low cost but with very high quality. And that’s what South African manufacturers are able to do.”
Q: “How will PoolSense impact the pool care market?”
A: “Kreepy Krauly has been around – has been a South African invention and we have been looking for the next big thing. How are South Africans gonna [revolutionize] pool cleaning? Well this product [PoolSense] now does it. PoolSense has taken the cleaning game to the next level. No longer do you have to go to your pool cleaner [service provider] with a sample of your water, wait in line and get some great analysis – when you do get it but [also] a list of chemical you can’t even pronounce to take back to your house eventually. Now you know – before your pool turns green, what to do. So you can have an all clear pool, all-year-round.
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