Your pool is SUPPOSED to be fun. It’s suppose to bring happiness to your life! Everybody knows pool care can be a confusing hassle! You may feel like you don’t know anything, or what to do or always think you’re doing something wrong! Even getting advice from a neighbor, a friend, the Internet, or the local pool guys, may still leave clueless about where to start and if you can even trust the advice! Not to mention someone may even get sick in your pool and you’re to blame. Have you thought about hiring a professional to take care of your pool (which could cost a lot monthly)? But you think: “I’m smart! I can follow instructions!” See, swimming pools are like most things in life: look after them and it will cost you less in the long run; don’t and they can become an endless money pit. Is a clear pool too much to ask for? If you’re tired of being a slave, we have the solution!


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