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Total Alkalinity and pH

Managing pH is a critical component of maintaining healthy pool water chemistry. This is because pH determines how effective the chlorine in your pool will be. The lower the pH, the "stronger" and hence more effective the chlorine will be. With all the measurements...

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Maxum sees value in PoolSense!

As a prize winner in the 2017 GAP ICT awards, PoolSense was taken into the Maxum Business Incubator Programme (Maxum). Maxum provides funding and services to entrepreneurs to help them start and grow companies that will create jobs, commercialise innovative...

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Get into Summer!

So Spring has sprung and pool season is here! Sun’s out, it’s getting hotter and a swim sounds great. But you find yourself looking at a dirty pool cover, pondering what lurks beneath… Now it all seems too much, right? Not necessarily. We’ve found a great article to...

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Why floaters are not the answer.

PoolSense helps you use just the right amount of chemicals. Chlorine tablets are generally composed of Trichlor which is a stabilized form of chlorine and is meant to add Cyanuric acid (CYA) to your pool water. As time goes by, your CYA levels can rise too high and...

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Pool temperature is important!

PoolSense let's you keep tabs on your pool temperature - wherever you are! It also helps you maintain balanced pool water chemistry whether your'e adding water in Summer r keeping it covered in Winter. We can't control the weather (yeah, bummer, I know) but you can...

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Connecting EVERYTHING.

PoolSense uses LPWAN designed for long range communication using as little power as possible. Modern life makes us wanting to be connected to everything, all the time. Fridges, TV’s, lights, coffee machines etc.… This is called the Internet of things, or IoT. Today,...

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