You can sell  PoolSense too!

We’ve had some clients ask us about becoming resellers. They are industry professionals, contractors and private individuals who believe that PoolSense will add tremendous value to the lives of their friends, family and clients. We agree!

Why become a Reseller?

Help others save time and money, and make a little for yourself too! PoolSense makes owning a pool a hassle-free, easy as 1-2-3 experience. Our satisfied clients are so impressed with PoolSense that they see the potential and market appeal. Reselling allows you to share a wonderful product with your network and make some money in the process.

How to become a Reseller?

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Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their PoolSense.

"My experience with my PoolSense has been nothing but awesome so far , I feel like it’s fantastic that you are always connected with your pool 24/7 . Just a great product !"

Mr. Peter Maimonis


"PoolSense is simple, convenient and finally I dont have to guess how much chlorine or acid to add. I must have wasted thousands of rands in chemicals. My pool been sparkling ever since I got it balanced and in the double green state as guided by the PoolSense app. I think it is brilliant."

Mr. Peter Bartosch


"I have been using the PoolSense smart pool solution for four months now and I am very impressed with the results. I have owned a pool for 45 years and the maintenance has never been this easy. Even my black algae has cleared up since I've started using PoolSense. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone, it is easy to use and the results are fantastic."

Mr. P. J. Wolmarans


"I have been using the PoolSense system for several months and I can't imagine going back to doing things the "old fashioned" way. I can see well in advance when the chemical levels in my pool require attention and add only the minimum amount required, based on precise sensor data viewed from my smart phone. I recommend the PoolSense to anyone wishing to enhance their overall pool experience."

Mr. Sean Laval


PoolSense App4
"Clever app. works well." Mr. Tommy Pritchard


"This device has completely changed my life owning a pool. After 12 years of being a pool owner, I have never experienced my pool being crystal clear until I started using the PoolSense device. Life changing, no headaches and cost saving."

Chetan Goshalia


"I have had PoolSense running in my pool for almost a month and I have learned from the app just how my pool reacts and responds to the acid or chlorine dosing. The most exciting thing is I am going away for two weeks and my pool is unattended. Before PoolSense I would almost definitely come home to a green pool that would cost me more than a thousand rands to fix, now I can anticipate what it needs to keep in good shape. Because I have the pH in control my pool needs much less chlorine so adding some extra when I left means I will return to a clear pool that will need some tweaking. Also it had been very useful to monitor the temperature of the water as i use it to manage the solar heating, before PoolSense I was just using time, now I switch it on when the temperature starts to rise and off when it is losing temperature. PoolSense is an amazing tool."

Mr. Grant Davidge-Pitts


"PoolSense has really allowed me to tend to my pool in a more efficient way where I do not have to constantly check up on it. I would recommend to anyone living a busy life, but still want to splash around with no stress."



"Might just go ahead and order another."

Mr. Dawid Sadie