• PoolSense

    PoolSense Floating. Smart Pool Water Analyzer

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  • PoolSense

    PoolSense Gen3 – Improved Design

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  • WaterSense Agri
  • PoolSense

    PoolSense Inline Smart Pool Water Analyzer

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  • Smart water flow meter and app

    FlowSense Smart Water Flow Meter

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  • FlowSense Tranceiver and app

    FlowSense Tranceiver and app

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  • WaterSense Inline

    WaterSense Smart Water Analyzer- Inline

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  • WaterSense

    WaterSense Smart Water Analyzer – Floating

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  • Side angle shot of the Adeunis Repeater with the Sigfox logo

    Signal Booster: Adeunis Repeater – Zone RC1

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  • Sigfox coverage

    Pro Automation Annual Data Renewal

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  • Hyper Floc flocculant for swimming pools

    Hyper Floc

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  • LevelSense float monitor

    LevelSense Float

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