Total Alkalinity and pH

Johannesburg — 12 February 2020

Managing pH is a critical component of maintaining healthy pool water chemistry. This is because pH determines how effective the chlorine in your pool will be. The lower the pH, the “stronger” and hence more effective the chlorine will be.

With all the measurements taken over time, PoolSense builds up a history and will recommend adding a substance to increase your alkalinity to help manage the fluctuations in pH. Low pH can cause damage to pool liners and etching of plaster; corrosion of metal components in and around the pool; skin and eye damage, as well as general human discomfort. On the other hand, high pH water can cause scale formation; metal stains; cloudy water; poor efficiency of chlorine, and can also cause skin and eye irritation.

The textbooks say to stay within the 7.4-7.6 range to avoid those problems. Total Alkalinity is important in order to keep the pH stable. PoolSense helps you manage pH and that leads to more stable pool chemistry that optimizes the use of chemicals.

That’s how we save you time and money… simply and easily.


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