PoolSense helps you use just the right amount of chemicals.

Chlorine tablets are generally composed of Trichlor which is a stabilized form of chlorine and is meant to add Cyanuric acid (CYA) to your pool water. As time goes by, your CYA levels can rise too high and you may have to run higher than normal chlorine levels to avoid an algae bloom.This is the thing most people don’t know and they keep running the same chlorine levels as always.

No surprise then, when suddenly what you thought would keep algae away no longer works. Trichlor tabs do work, provided you monitor your CYA levels. The ideal CYA level is between 30-50 in general. Outside of that, it is recommended that you stop using them and switch to just using bleach for chlorine. A good idea would be to take complete set of current water testing results to be sure. Also, unless your pump is on 24/7, putting tabs in the skimmer is a very bad idea. Try putting a metal encased thermometer in the skimmer along with the tabs. A few nights with the pump off will cause the thermometer to rust away. Now imagine what could happen inside the copper pipes in your plumbing!

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