We do the thinking for you.

ProAutomation envisions a future where advances in technology, particularly in the IoT space, serve to enhance human life and protect the environment by providing intelligent ways to optimize the use and management of resources both domestically and globally.

Our Story

A few friends shared pool care frustrations and established ProAutomation in August 2017. They ended up creating a smart, simple way to change people’s lives and revolutionise the pool industry in South Africa – and globally, with their first product, the PoolSense smart pool monitor.

PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor

PoolSense monitors your pool water quality 24/7, analyses the data and notifies you via an app on your smartphone. Providing daily recommendations of what chemicals are required in your pool water.

Internet of Things (IoT)

ProAutomation strives to bring innovative, smart, simple solutions to the connected IoT homes. Our products use state-of-the-art components and technology that aim to make your life easier. Our products are designed to improve your quality of life by removing common frustrations and hassles.

Point to Point Courier

Based in South Africa, we are growing our international distribution network across the world. We aim to offer the best service and fastest reasonable delivery time by making use of point-to-point courier services. We also offer a nationwide network of affiliated service professionals within South Africa and look to establish networks in all territories we sell into.

Our mission
To offer our customers real-time, affordable, hassle-free solutions to improve their connected homes through cutting edge IoT technology and simple, low-cost data streams.
Our Vision
To make Simple, Smart, Connected Home Devices that elevate lives.