Sense app and Dashboard

Pro automation envisions a future where advances in technology, particularly in the IoT space, serve to enhance human life and protect the environment by providing intelligent ways to optimize the use and management of resources both domestically and globally. Our revolutionary “Sense” web app is designed to make monitoring your fleet of IoT sensors convenient and easy. With it’s mobile first approach, it is designed to ensure that it’s easy to use on any device. It’s a PWA – progressive web app that looks like any other app on your phone. You will receive smart, customized alerts when abnormal measurements are detected. We allow for basic device management and control. Customized templates allow you to visualize readings at a glance, on gauges with personalized, color coded levels. Daily, weekly and monthly graphs show trends and historical data is easily accessible. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format and allows early intervention when problems are detected. The app can be white labeled and basic display customization can be done to best suit your customer’s needs. Four smart sensor types are currently available on the app, WaterSense, PoolSense, FlowSense and LevelSense.

In a Nutshell

  • Manage your fleet of sensors from one central app
  • Early warning system to intervene quickly
  • Intelligent and customizable alerts when you need to act
  • Multi-platform-access from PC, Tablet or Mobile devices
  • Easy to use, customizable data platform
  • Real-time data
  • Historic data
  • Daily, weekly, monthly graphs-easy visualization of trends
  • Reduces man-power and revenue loss
  • Clear visualization of complex data feeds
  • 4 Monitoring devices currently available, integration with any other compatible IoT devices possible.
  • Access data through API and MQTT
  • Mobile first development
  • White label options available
  • Flexible pricing options and volume based discounts

Sense app features list

Features ListFree PortalDefault Portal (paid)White Label Portal (custom)Notes
Display all active devices YYYEasy to use dashboard for a quick view of all devices. Colour coded where readings are out of range.
PoolsenseYYYDisplay, manage and Generate Alerts on PoolSense Devices
WatersenseYYYDisplay, manage and Generate Alerts on Watersense Devices
FlowsenseYYYDisplay, manage and Generate Alerts on FlowSense Devices
Display default Poolsense ParamatersYYYpH, ORP, Temperature, Battery, Photo
Standard Alerts via Push/Email/MQTT - once dailyPush OnlyYY
Device GroupingYYYAllow for devices to be grouped under a convenient drop down.
Data point commentsYYYComment on a data point for notes / future reference.
CSV Download - 1 monthNYYDownload CSV report for history.
API interfaceNYYPull data into any system of your choice through the API.
Excel Sheet (Macro Enabled) with API accessNYYEasy way to pull data into simple, usable format
Coloured Info Tiles, Gauges and GraphsStandardYYLimited customization available on paid options
Remote Calibration - ManuallyNYYAllows manual, remote calibraiton via Cloud
Custom Display TemplatesNNYDisplay templates allow for different ranges to display different colours.
Custom Alert TemplatesNNYSend Alerts at different intervals and Measurement Levels
Custom Portal Logo and BrandingNNYAllow partners to show their name and logo to customers
Custom URLNNYAllow partner URLs
Custom Mobile PWA (add on cost)NNYOnline app with own branding for mobile phones
Custom Data Stream Upload NNYAllows the user to upload time stamped data - such as Feed or Crop yields
Custom Data Stream GraphingNNYAllows the user to Display custom data streams to draw correlations to readings.
FlowSense portal graphs


  • Pool MaintenancFlowSense appe companies use Sense to monitor client swimming pools and get alerts when c
  • hemicals are needed.
  • Smart Farmers use Sense to increase yield by monitoring and managing water quality. Reduce livestock and revenue loss, by being able to measure water quality in real-time at multiple points and get intelligent alerts when contamination occurs.
  • Fruit washing plants use Sense to ensure balanced water throughout the production line and reduce waste.
  • Mining operations use Sense to monitor contaminated water and reduce or eliminate excessive fines and environmental impact.
  • Municipalities use Sense to manage water consumption and realize significant savings on non-revenue water.