Automated Pool Care

WaterSense smart multi-parameter water quality sensing unit
PoolSense Inline
PoolSense app

PoolSense Measures

Chlorine (ORP)
Acid (pH)

Why do you need PoolSense Smart Pool?

Pool maintenance is difficult and the water requires frequent testing.

Few people have proper knowledge of water chemistry, which can lead to expensive shock treatments from over or under usage of chemicals.

  • PoolSense makes pool care a hassle-free experience!
  • It monitors your pool water quality 24/7. Intervals start at every 105 minutes and may increase as PoolSense learns about your pool over a longer period of time (smart).
  • It analyses the data and notifies you via our app on your smartphone, every 24hrs at 18:00 if you need to take action.
  • Intelligent alerts on what chemicals to add to keep your water crystal clear.
  • No more green pools!

PoolSense needs a minimal  annual data subscription to send data to the  cloud


No/easy installation

Just drop the device in your pool or plumb it in, safe and out of sight

Smart App

A user-friendly app with history and dosage recommendations.

Extended Battery Life

Minimum 12 months. No charging required.

No Wifi Required

Low power WAN technology has coverage virtually anywhere.

Modular Design

Replaceable parts keep long-term costs low. Probes need remote calibration every 6 months.
Probe life minimum 12 months

View pool status, anywhere, anytime.

Keep an eye on your pool from anywhere in the world.

Let's Compare



Floats in the pool

No Installation 

Take care to keep the probe wet at all times

Measures pH, Cl and temperature



PoolSense Inline Best Choice

Out of sight-fit and forget

Easily plumbed into the pvc pipe at the pump. Learn how to install PoolSense inline here.

No risk of damage to the probe

Measures pH, Cl and temperature

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Check out the app

Click to install the app from Google play or the App Store and try it for free
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Watch video

Keep your pool blue, balanced and healthy the hassle-free way!

PoolSense sends daily recommendations to your smartphone with helpful indications of chlorine and acid levels. Helping you keep your pool blue and crystal clear. You can confidently enjoy your pool with your family knowing your water is pleasant, balanced and safe.

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PoolSense for your Hot tub and Spa

It’s not only pool owners who get to enjoy the amazing, game-changing benefits of owning a PoolSense device.

PoolSense works perfectly in your hot tub or spa.  If you have struggled with cloudy or green hot tub water, you know the secret to maintaining your spa or hot tub is cleaner water and this all comes down to testing the water and keeping track of changes.  This is exactly what PoolSense does for you!  No more hassle.  Of course, you still need to make sure you do the basics of maintaining your spa, like cleaning the spa filter, clean, drain, and refill every 3-4 months. Ensure that you add enough water to keep your spa full and air out the spa cover at least once per week.  Testing, tracking, and micro-dosing really is key to enjoying a clean, healthy spa. 

How it works

You can now check on your spa from anywhere and know instantly if the water is balanced and healthy.  You can easily ensure the optimum temperature is kept. PoolSense works with an app on your smartphone and measures key water parameters like chlorine (Oxidation Reduction Potential), pH, and temperature.

poolsense App phone image
The App

The app will send smart notifications to your phone if you need to take action, every 24hrs at 18:00.  For example, if your spa water test results show that your spa needs more chlorine, the notification will inform you and suggest adding 1 cup of chlorine to your spa as soon as possible.  These micro-doses keep your water balanced and healthy and keep any bacteria or algae from growing in the water. No installation needed, just drop the device in your hot tub or spa and finish with the easy setup process on the app.  The battery has an ultra-long lifetime – with a minimum of 12 months, so there is no need to charge it, it really is designed to make your life easier.

See how your spa’s water quality fluctuates over time by accessing your spa’s daily, weekly, and monthly graphs. 

Our team is available to assist you and help make owning a spa a pleasure again.

Home Automation

Integrate PoolSense with your home automation system.  ProAutomation strives to bring innovative, smart, simple solutions to the connected IoT homes.  Home Assistant is one of the great home automation systems that have already added PoolSense to their integrations with great success. By automating your spa water testing, you can have all your home automation appliances in one place, making life that much easier.  PoolSense publishes data to the cloud via Sigfox in timed intervals so no need for wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

This device works on the Sigfox network.

Please make sure you have sufficient coverage.

Click here to check your coverage.

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Here’s what some of our loyal customers had to say about PoolSense:

Barry's Pool

For me, PoolSense is about staying in the green zone. The zone in which you know your pool is happy and optimised. Before I owned one I would throw in a floater as and when required and the pool would not be consistently clean. With the PoolSense, I can go for months on end with blue ‘polished’ water. And zero algae this summer so far.