IoT For Dummies

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things basically means connecting anything to anything, without human intervention.

Always know the state of your pool

Imagine always knowing the real-time state of your swimming pool, from anywhere in the world via an app. IoT makes that possible.

Connecting it all

Connecting your fridge to a website, or your lights to a mobile app, anything you can think of. Odd as it may sound, it truly is the Internet of Things. IoT may still sound like ultra-modern technology from the distant future, but it’s a lot closer than we think and already part of everyday life.

PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor

ProAutomation has built a product based on this IoT technology, the PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor. PoolSense connects to an app that will tell you the current temperature, pH level, and chlorine level of your pool water. It will advise you daily which chemicals to add to always keep your pool water in perfect condition.

Smart Plug and Play

All this with a simple – yet smart – plug and play IoT device you drop in your pool, and a mobile app you install on your smartphone. It makes use of LPWAN (Low-Power Wireless Access Networks) and long life batteries, so no more charging every week. We guarantee a 2 year minimum battery life.

This is only one of the IoT solutions in ProAutomation’s pipeline. Watch this space!


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