PoolSense uses LPWAN

PoolSense uses LPWAN because it was designed for long-range and power saving.

Everything connected

Modern life has us wanting to be connected to everything, all the time. Connected fridges, tv’s, lights, coffee machines etc… This is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, WiFi is the most common use of IoT devices but this requires a constant and reliable power source. WiFi was built for large amounts of data and therefore uses a lot of energy. Some connected devices are remote, and can only operate on batteries; therefore WiFi can’t be used by these devices.

Smart pool with IoT

Using IoT it is truly possible to have a smart pool! Introducing LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network). Data is sent at a lower bit rate to achieve higher power efficiency. This power efficiency enables devices and sensors to communicate using only batteries. The typical lifespan of these batteries is around 2-5 years.


LPWAN is also able to support a greater number of connected devices than traditional mobile networks. This technology is perfect for remote devices that only operate on batteries. Imagine having to charge every connected IoT device once a week. This will surely decrease the ease of use, and with time they will not be used anymore. PoolSense uses LPWAN because it is designed for long-range communication and uses as little as possible power.

The logical choice for our products was to make use of batteries and LPWAN. This means that the user will never have to charge the device and this improves the user-friendliness.


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